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What to Write in the Additional Comments Section of a Job Application

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When you fill out a job application, you want to put your best foot forward as this packet of paper speaks to a potential employer on your behalf. Answering every question correctly and including every pertinent detail is vital. So, when you get to the section allowing you to insert additional comments, make your statement count. It's your chance to tell the employer important information you want them to know that might give you an advantage over other applicants.

Unlisted Employment History

If you have previous work experience in a related field or position that you are not able to write on the application, you can discuss it in the Additional Comments section. For instance, the application might only have room for three jobs in the Employment History section, but you were a star employee in a similar position four jobs ago and want to let the employer know. You can mention volunteer work in a relevant field, as well.

Hobbies or Memberships

The Additional Comments section is not a place for you to refer to your collection of movie star autographs or your involvement in the local cat owners' club – that is, unless it pertains to the job for which you are applying. Any extracurricular activities that show strengths, skills and interest in the field might give you a leg up. For instance, mentioning you lead a group of volunteers who clean local parks shows you are a self-starter with leadership qualities.

Special Training or Education

Most job applications have sections in which you list your degrees and basic education information, but if you have undergone relevant training in a non-traditional setting or excelled in an area related to the job for which you are applying, use this section to highlight your skills and training. For instance, if you gained industry-specific certification through a previous employer or massive open online course (MOOC) from which you earned knowledge but not a degree, use this section to reveal this information.

Explanations of Potentially Negative Info

If you have undesirable information in your work or personal history, you may be inclined to sweep it under the rug. Most employers perform background checks, though, and may consider you untrustworthy if you are dishonest or unclear about details they discover. Consider using the Additional Comments section to talk about gaps in your employment, leaving a job on bad terms or any criminal history you may have. This allows you to present your side of the story.


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