What to Write in the Additional Comments Section of a Job Application

By Ellie Williams
Hailshadow/iStock/Getty Images

Strengthen Your Position

Add details that reinforce your image as a skilled and knowledgeable team player, or those that don’t fit elsewhere on the application. For example, discuss your community service and volunteer background, and any leadership experience you gained in those roles. Relate your volunteer experience to the position you’re seeking. If you’re applying for a management role, note that you led the annual fundraising campaign for a local nonprofit. Also, discuss why you want the job. For example, mention that you’re impressed with the company’s focus on environmentally friendly practices, and eager to work for an organization that shares your values.

What Not to Say

Avoid personal information and anything not directly related to your ability to do the job. You can mention special skills or talents, but only if they position you as a stronger candidate. If you’re applying for a job as a sales clerk, for example, don’t note that you’re a competitive ballroom dancer. Also, don’t include something in the section just because you feel you need to. It’s better to leave it blank than include irrelevant information.

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