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A Fire Watch Job Description

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When a geographic region or building site poses a high risk for fire, an assigned person observes the location around the clock to spot any areas of concern. This person is a fire watch or fire lookout.

Job Duties

Constantly scrutinizing a prescribed area of concern is the main job duty. Keeping meticulous records of any suspicious or potentially hazardous conditions is required. Activating appropriate alarms and promptly contacting emergency response personnel is necessary. A fire watch uses phone, email and wireless communication devices to share concerns and information with associates as well as people at high-risk locations.

Skill Requirements

Excellent vision is essential for the job. Attention to detail observed through binoculars and closed-circuit cameras and monitoring remote alarm and security systems is a required skill. The fire watch needs clear communication abilities to inform the fire watch person who takes over the next shift of any abnormalities or concerns that need close observation.

Preferred Background

Background in fire prevention, fire education or fire fighting is desirable. Familiarity with alarm systems and emergency protocol procedures is an asset. Experience in safety inspection is a plus.


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