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What Is a Logistics Rep?

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Logistics reps work to ensure that shipments reach customers safely. Taking customer shipment orders, receiving cargo, arranging for delivery, and tracking shipments until they reach their destinations are all part of this position. Good organizational abilities and time management are vital to performing the job effectively. Good vision is important as is physical strength to assume different positions while working and to lift shipments when necessary.

Handling Shipments

Logistics representatives receive customer calls for placing shipping orders. They recommend suitable shipping procedures such as train, ship, flight or truck deliveries depending on customer needs. They arrange for fetching customer shipment, check them for adherence to export laws if necessary, and pack them safely. They weigh the shipment and calculate freight charges depending on the weight and delivery destination. They then transport shipments to the loading station for shipping.

Logistics reps examine delivered cargo for conformity to import regulations. They go through relevant shipment documents for details about the type of merchandise and then assign tariff rates accordingly. Job functions include informing customers of shipment arrival and making arrangements for safe delivery.

Logistics reps keep up-to-date paperwork of all shipments received and sent as well as shipping details such as flight numbers and onboard crew information.

Other Duties

Logistics reps troubleshoot problems related to sent and received shipment. In case of damaged shipment delivery, they contact relevant departments to repair or replace the shipment. They keep track of transported shipment through its delivery to the destination. Job function includes maintaining steady inventory of packing materials for smooth flow of operations. Supervising shipping and packing activities falls within the ambit of logistics reps.

Required Qualifications

Employers seek candidates that have completed high school education or have an equivalent credential such as GED; some employers may prefer an associates degree. Knowledge of English language is important as logistics reps have to converse with many people throughout the day. Computer knowledge is equally essential to maintain data about shipping orders, deliveries, inventory management and other organizational processes related to logistics.

Preferred Skills

Logistics reps must be people with excellent interpersonal skills as this is a job that involves daily interactions with customers, coworkers, management and shipping companies. Strong communication skills to receive and give clear instructions are important. Attention to details and logical thinking help make rational decisions during troubleshooting. Ability to plan and execute is important to ensure smooth process flow and effective damage control. Since this position can be stressful with complaining customers, uncooperative coworkers and other difficult people, logistics reps must be individuals with patience and self-control.


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