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Bank Security Training

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The 1968 Bank Protection Act "requires that all bank staff be trained on security measures each year," according to the course description for "Sheshunoff Bank Security Essentials Training." Training enables staff members to prevent or handle incidents that threaten their safety and that of their customers. Most banks conduct their own security training.

Opening and Closing

Bank security training includes opening and closing procedures that minimize exposure to robbery. The opening procedure may include having two people to open the bank -- with one going inside and the other remaining outside to observe -- having an all-clear signal and programming cell phones for 9-1-1. The closing procedure may include not allowing any person entry once doors are locked, careful inspection of the interior of the bank, and activation of the alarm system.

Robbery Response

Banks train their staffs to keep calm in case of a robbery, to make no sudden movements, to memorize details about the robber and to note the direction of escape. Training may also include post-robbery procedures.

Security Devices and Measures

Though banks may concentrate on training security staff on the operation of security devices, they may provide some training for all employees in operating, testing or maintaining the devices. Training areas may include protecting cash and other assets in secure spaces, ensuring adequate lighting during the night, using cameras and alarm systems, and operating tamper-resistant locks on doors and windows.

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