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How to Calculate Average Salary

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Once in a while, everyone likes to know how much they're averaging in their pay. Whether it has to do with an application for something like a loan, or just to more accurately prepare the family budget, an average on regular income is always useful. Determining the average for a salary can be remarkably simple, employing little more than a grade-school mathematical principle known as mean value calculation.

Calculate the Mean

Step 1

Gather your pay stubs, or other receipts of payment, spanning the desired length of averaging, such as a month or year.

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Brought to you by Sapling
Brought to you by Sapling

Step 2

Add together the values on the pay stubs for payment rendered on a calculator.

Step 3

Divide the sum by the number of payments in the period. The number you reach is the average, or mean, of all payments received.

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