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The Average Salary of Bail Bondsman

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Bail bondsmen or bail bond agents use their own property to guarantee bail bonds of people accused of crimes, with the backing of an insurance company. Their wages come from commissions paid by the people using the bail bond agents' services.


A 2010 updated survey of 75 bail bondsmen at the PayScale website found a salary range of $24,748 to $49,098, along with bonuses of $450 to $2,035 and commissions between $2,400 and $42,400. A SalaryExpert survey of 10 bail bondsman jobs found salaries ranging from $45,949 to $78,378.


Many states require bail bondsmen to be licensed by the state's insurance commission, which usually requires that the license applicant is at least 18 years old and may require completion of classroom training before the license is issued. Licenses are usually valid for one year and are renewable

Earnings by area

Houston, Texas, was the highest-paying city in SalaryExpert's bail bondsman salary survey, with an annual salary of $78,378. Atlanta, Georgia, was the lowest-paying city at $45,949. The bail bondsman job listed in Chicago paid nearly $75,000 per year, while jobs in Indianapolis, Charlotte and Dallas paid more than $60,000. Salaries between $50,000 and $60,000 were found in Phoenix, Orlando, Miami and Cincinnati.


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