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Technical Clerk Job Description

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Technical clerks provide clerical support to technical departments in diverse organizations. They proofread technical documents such as building blueprints and manufacturing manuals to verify the accuracy of information, and use information technology systems to organize and file these documents. The biggest employers of technical clerks can find jobs at companies that sell technical products, government agencies, colleges and universities, scientific and technical consulting companies, engineering firms and testing laboratories.

Using the Skills

Computer proficiency is an asset for technical clerks. Their job involves installing, configuring and using software used to file technical documentation. Those who deal with blueprints and technical drawings use basic blueprint reading skills to read and understand the information on these documents. When proofing technical documents, these clerks rely on their appetite for little details to sport small inaccuracies. Technical clerks are also possess strong multitasking and organizational skills, since they should be able to prioritize tasks and work efficiently with several pieces of paperwork.

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