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The Job Description for a Radiology Clerk

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Radiology clerks work in healthcare facilities with radiology departments. They handle a variety of clerical duties, ranging from filing radiology records to maintaining communication with the facility’s clients. This job is suitable for individuals with little formal training and strong organizational and multitasking skills.

Doing the Job

Radiology clerks help to improve the operational efficiency of a radiology department. They schedule appointments between patients and radiologists, often contacting patients to inform them of upcoming appointments. When clients arrive at the facility, these clerks obtain registration data, such as name, address and medical history, and enter it in a computer system. Radiology clerks also maintain a variety of radiology documents, including patients’ x-ray results. In the absence of radiology technicians, radiologists may ask radiology clerks to use radiology equipment to digitize x-ray films and make printouts from digital images, and send them to respective clients.

Getting There

Although employers of radiology clerks typically prefer high school graduates with some clerical experience, applicants with an associate’s degree in clerical studies have strong employment prospects. To thrive in the job, radiology clerks need excellent communication, record-keeping, computer and teamwork skills. Radiology clerks can obtain relevant health information certifications from the American Health Information Management Association to improve their job competence. Career progression opportunities are also available for radiology clerks. Those who complete an associate degree in radiologic technology can become radiology technicians.


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