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Wireline Operator Job Description

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A wireline operator works for an oil, gas or mining company. The operator works under the supervision of a senior professional and handles equipment or machinery to increase material flows in oil or mining exploration operations.

Job Specifications

A wireline operator assists in rigging up and rigging down wireline equipment, helps wireline crew during operations and assists in tool string make-ups. The operator also inspects vehicles, mechanized devices and equipment, repairs and maintains machinery and communicates with co-workers and superiors.

Skill Set and Tools

Since most wireline operators perform physical tasks and use mechanical devices, detail orientation and manual dexterity are assets in this occupation, according to O*NET OnLine. To perform the required tasks aptly, a wireline operator often uses lifting equipment, thread cables, hydraulic lines and pressure-control devices.

Degree Requirements and Earnings

Companies prefer job applicants with a high school diploma and practical experience to fill a wireline operator vacancy. Individuals who have an associate's degree in a technical field may also qualify. shows that wireline operators earned average annual wages of $39,000, as of 2014.


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