Entertainment Coordinator Job Descriptions

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Entertainment coordinators plan activities and events that appeal to various audiences, from children's plays to rock concerts. Colleges and universities, amusement parks and other employers hire coordinators for different reasons, but most require candidates to have a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent and some level of experience in the field.

Planning Activities

Entertainment coordinators are known for planning and organizing diverse events or activities, and seeing that they run smoothly. The shows they book vary significantly based on their employer and target audience. Coordinators may seek bands, artists, comedians or speakers for entertainment, or they may plan group or game activities. University of Washington Tacoma's Student Activities Board notes entertainment coordinators may host tours of local or regional attractions for the community. They're also usually present for events to monitor guest satisfaction, show quality, facility cleanliness and safety.

Capturing Events

Universal Orlando employs some workers as entertainment production coordinators to oversee the filming or photography operations during events. Production coordinators collaborate with other departments to plan all aspects of activities, such as publicity and marketing. Aside from documenting affairs, they may make revisions to activity plans, confirm reservations or details, and design itineraries featuring information on event locations and times.

Coordinating Content

Some entertainment coordinators work under the title of arts and entertainment coordinator, but they're not always planning live events. For example, they may contribute, supervise or edit the entertainment section for print or online publications. Rather than setting up activities for guests, content coordinators keep up on occurrences to come, whether they be guest speakers or big concerts. They designate people to cover each activity and work to publish articles, pictures or detailed previews that alert readers of what's to come.

Additional Possibilities

Entertainment coordinators may also specialize in certain events. For example, wedding entertainment coordinators host, direct and oversee services during wedding receptions. They take care of details from music clarity to equipment placement. Other coordinators work on theater productions -- booking performances that accentuate the arts: literature, drama, music and dance. They may focus on finding acts that raise awareness or increase the audience's knowledge about works of art or entertainment.