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What Are the Duties of Managing a Car Rental?

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If you have ever gone on a vacation, business trip, or some other out-of-town excursion, you may have needed to rent a vehicle to get around. Car rental agencies maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles in order to provide customers with various rental choices while away from home. Managers of car rental stores have a wide range of duties that keep their locations operating smoothly and their customers satisfied.

Increasing Sales

A primary duty of a car rental manager is handling sales. Often these sales transactions occur when a potential customer comes into the store to inquire about vehicle options and pricing. As with most salespeople, the branch manager identifies the customer’s specific needs and budget in order to pair him with the option that works best for him. For instance, a large family on vacation may need a large sedan to fit them and their cargo, while a single individual may prefer a smaller, sportier coupe.

Implementing Marketing Strategy

A car rental manager may also create robust marketing strategies for his particular store and oversee the implementation of those efforts. Strategies may have different goals, such as advertising new car fleet additions or promoting special holiday offers. If promoting a holiday offer, the marketing plan must specifically detail which channels will be used to communicate the specials, such as print or radio ads. The marketing plan provides attainable timelines and lists the exact dates each ad will run. The plan should also list which team member is responsible for each action item, such as specifying who will secure radio advertising at a particular radio station.

Staff Development

As the leader of a car rental store, a branch manager must be able to effectively train and develop her staff. This includes showing staff different sales tactics that will help the team increase sales, training on computer software systems and advising staff members of any necessary safety protocols. A car rental manager will also be responsible for coaching her team. She will give positive feedback when each team member does well and corrective feedback to help each team member improve. She will also provide her team with regularly scheduled performance reviews.

Resolving Customer Issues

A car rental manager is authorized and encouraged to handle customer complaints and resolve issues that are beyond the scope of line level employees. This is a crucial component of a car rental manager’s job, as it can be the moment where a customer decides whether to rent from that location in the future. Some car rental stores may rely on a Net Promoter Score, which assesses whether customers will return to a store, hotel, or some other retail venue. A higher NPS is seen as an indicator of positive performance, while a lower NPS indicates that customers are not only less likely to return, but also less likely to recommend a particular business to others.


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