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Roles & Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager in the Hotel Industry

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A hotel marketing manager proposes and implements a full suite of marketing strategies to build awareness about the hotel and promote customer loyalty. Marketing efforts typically include print and electronic advertisements that target former guests and also attempt to attract new clientele. Marketing managers curry favor with customers, ensuring that they enjoy their stay and return.

Primary Responsibilities

Your primary responsibility as a hotel marketing manager is making sure people know about the hotel, its amenities and services. You may need to research what will appeal to guests. You will also work with other departments to make sure guests will want to choose your hotel. For example, you may have input into room rates or guest packages; you may also handle guest inquiries. You’ll also develop and oversee different types of marketing campaigns, such as those that use social media, direct mail or e-mail.

Secondary Responsibilities

You will evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make the appropriate adjustments. As a marketing manager, you may also hire and train marketing staff, and also plan, assign and direct work. Part of managing a staff may also include evaluating their performance, addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Education and Experience

Most employers will require you to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, hospitality or business, and between three and five years of experience. Your experience should reflect an increasing level of responsibility, such as in marketing, sales, event planning, advertising, public relations and promotions. A prospective employer will expect you to have a proven track record of helping increase revenue and build brand awareness and loyalty.


Your success depends on your ability to effectively communicate. You should have strong research skills, knowledge about the hotel industry and be able to succinctly sum up what your employer can do to attract customers and create customer loyalty. You should be social-media savvy and stay current with changes in marketing trends and activities. You should be comfortable using word-processing and spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Some employers may also require you to be fluent in more than one language, depending on the type of guests that will likely stay at the hotel. You should be able to identify and resolve problems, work well on your own as well as with others, have a can-do attitude and be able to develop relationships with third-party vendors.


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