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Finance Manager Car Sales Job Description

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The finance manager in car sales works with dealership management, the sales department and customers to achieve the dealership's goals. In this role the finance manager is responsible for apprising customers of their options when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Finance managers must have knowledge of the credit and financial legislation for the state in which they work.

Develop Finance Options

Every dealership needs to have multiple finance options available to customers, whether it's through the dealership, bank or manufacturer. The finance manager works with local banks and other financial resources to develop a list of financing options for customers, whether they choose to lease or purchase a new vehicle. It is necessary for the manager to build a good working relationship with representatives from each financial institution to secure the best rates and terms. The manager should continuously look to expand this list and keep it updated for sales and ownership referral.

Customer Service

Another part of the finance manager's position in car sales is to assist the sales department in providing excellent customer service. To that end the manager meets with customers seeking to purchase a car and informs them of the insurance requirements for the vehicle, if being leased, and what additional warranties and other packages are available for purchase with the vehicle. The finance manager also runs the customer's credit report and lets him know what his financing options are and what the interest rate on the car loan is.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a necessary part of any car sales department. The financial manager performs this analysis, breaking apart the financial elements of a sale to determine how much the dealership, sales representative and financing bank make on each deal. The manager also analyzes the performance of the dealership to help determine new sales goals. He also provides financial analysis to help anticipate the future performance of the sales team. Another part of financial analysis is for the finance manager to build financial and sales reports for the review of management and ownership.


Every time a vehicle is sold or leased through the dealership a new contract is drafted that the customer must agree to before he can assume ownership. These contracts are drawn up by the finance manager. Once the initial contract is drawn, the finance manager reviews and approves any customer requested changes before the final version of the contract is signed. Periodically, the manager also reviews the dealership's standard lease and purchase contracts, making any revisions as necessary.


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