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Restaurant Marketing Manager Responsibilities

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A restaurant marketing manager is responsible for effectively promoting her eatery in order to generate sales. Larger restaurant chains may coordinate this work via different regional offices while smaller stores may have a specific individual handling all marketing efforts.

Helping Employees Understand the Strategy

A restaurant marketing manager must clearly communicate his strategy to employees so that everyone understands her role in its implementation. At a large restaurant group, this can be a difficult undertaking depending on the overall number of stores and employees. For instance, if a new menu item is being tested in one region of the country, the restaurant marketing manager must ensure that those employees are fully advised of any special pricing for the promotional item. He may use the restaurant's internal employee website, company newsletter, or some other means to educate the target employee population.

Increasing Web Presence

Increasing a restaurant or restaurant group's web presence is a key responsibility of a restaurant marketing manager. This may involve overseeing employees who are responsible for updating the restaurant's website and social media sites, or doing the work himself when employed for a local eatery. A marketing manager keeps track of both positive and negative feedback from customers on ratings websites and uses social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to directly engage with customers.

Event Scheduling & Promotions

A restaurant marketing manager may host charitable fundraisers, restaurant anniversary celebrations and other special events to attract customers. He may also be the one organizing the events and handling their logistics, if he works for a small, non-franchise restaurant. He works with local media outlets such as newspapers and radio to increase public awareness of these events and maximize customer attendance. When sponsoring a fundraiser, he might arrange for a portion of sales proceeds to be donated to a charitable organization, thereby garnering positive publicity and highlighting the restaurant's support of the local community.

Education and Experience Requirements

In addition to an interest in the restaurant industry, a restaurant marketing manager must also have direct experience working in advertising, sales, marketing or some other related field. Additional experience can be gained via a marketing internship with an agency or business. A bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations, or some other communications-related field may also be necessary depending on the employer.


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