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Qualifications for Bank Tellers

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There are a number of qualifications and attributes that one should possess to be a bank teller. Specific qualifications can vary from bank to bank, but interpersonal skills are very important. Tellers should have basic computer skills.

Communication Skills

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A bank teller should have the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with the public. These are qualities that make customers more likely to return.


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Bank tellers must have the ability to pay attention to detail. An inattentive teller could cost the bank money in terms of mistakes made in transactions. Tellers should have an understanding of security measures and remember details of how to respond during a robbery.


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Most banks require that a teller have at least a high school education. If a teller has gone to college, this works in her favor.

Customer Needs

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Banks stress the importance of sales skills. Tellers should have the ability to recognize needs of customers through casual conversation, and then refer them to management for further sales activities.

Math Aptitude

Tellers should be very comfortable performing math problems.


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Bank tellers should have good personalities and attitudes. Tellers are the first line of defense when it comes to customers. Customers view the tellers as though they are the bank. The first impression they receive is that presented by tellers.