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Bank Teller Tips

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When you walk into a bank, you are greeted by smiling, friendly bank tellers. Not only do they help you with your banking needs, but they also must exhibit the best customer service possible. Being a bank teller is not difficult if you follow some helpful tips.


Bank tellers must count their drawers everyday to make sure that all the money is there and no errors were made. The easiest way to do this is to check your drawer periodically throughout the day. The busiest times at the bank are in the first two hours that the bank is open, as well as during lunch and the hour before closing. When you have a break, count your slips and compare them to what the computer reports that your drawer should contain. If there is an error, it is easier to review back to the point when the drawer was correct, instead of having to count it all over again.


Money enters and leaves your drawer throughout the day. When you are counting your drawer, it is easier when your money is kept in increments. For example, keep your dollar bills wrapped in sets of twenty five. This way you can count the stacks instead of each bill. Do not open any rolls of coins unless it's necessary. This way you do not have loose change to count.


If you cannot figure out why your drawer is not balancing, ask a colleague. Bank co-workers should be willing to double-check numbers if you are having problems. Sometimes, fatigue can make it hard to see the different bill denominations. It is then difficult to identify the errors. Others will have a fresh perspective and be able catch the mistakes that you have been missing.

Customer Service

Customer service is key to a successful bank visit. Therefore, always try to keep a positive attitude. Remember that, in a bank, you are dealing with customers' money, so, if a problem occurs, tempers may flare. Always take a deep breath and remain calm. It is not your fault if the bank charges certain fees or if a customer makes a computation error in the checkbook. Good customer service means pleasantly helping in any way you can.


Sara Hickman owns a preschool science-based entertainment business in the Greater Cincinnati area. She has a bachelor's degree in communication and psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

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