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Position Description of a Residential House Manager

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Because of the stigma surrounding the warehousing of disabled people, a new housing concept gained acceptance in America. The mentally ill, the disabled, people with intellectual impairments and other groups found refuge in residential houses headed by residential house managers.



Residential group houses exist within communities to help clients transition to independent living. The residential house manager lives and sleeps at the house, and sometimes shares the position with another group manager.



Many types of groups live in residential houses, including children, the aged, unwed mothers, juvenile offenders, people with disabilities and individuals recently discharged from substance-abuse treatment facilities.



The house manager frequently works with the social worker and house project manager to discuss client services. He supervises clients, and oversees and executes their treatment plans. If the residence houses students, the house manager might need to oversee the work and study program.

Other Responsibilities


A residential house manager plans and records each day's activities, assigns rooms, orders supplies, schedules maintenance, distributes mail, takes calls and arranges appropriate medical services for clients.

Driving and Chaperoning Clients


Other residential house manager duties might include driving clients to appointments and errands, and chaperoning the residents at special events and trips.



A person applying for a residential house manager job should possess a bachelor's degree in psychology, social work or similar human-services field, and should hold a valid driver's license.