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Resident Manager Description

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Resident managers are property caretakers who live on-site at apartment or condominium complexes. In addition to overseeing property maintenance, managers are available to assist residents, promote properties for rent, negotiate rental agreements and collect rent payments. The resident manager represents the property owner in a variety of different ways and might perform tasks ranging from handling banking transactions to researching real estate market trends and setting rental prices.

Property Representation

A resident property manager is often the public face of a rental property. As such, he answers questions from potential renters, shows available units and describes features and amenities. The manager tells prospective residents about rental terms and options, negotiates contracts and takes deposits. If the property owner requests, a residential manager might conduct background checks or run credit reports on potential tenants to ensure they are suitable renters.


In a small complex, a resident manager might double as a handyman, performing regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure the property is well cared for. This helps the owner maintain the property value. In a large complex, the resident manager typically hires contractors to handle maintenance, landscaping, repair and upkeep.

Tenant Relations

A resident manager is usually the first person residents call when they have a complaint, such as a neighbor who plays a stereo too loudly or a dog that won't stop barking. The manager is responsible for negotiating resolutions between neighbors, upholding the rules and regulations set forth in the rental agreements and making sure the complex is a pleasant living environment for all renters.

Rent Collection

The resident manager collects rent from tenants, issues reminders for late payments and assesses fees, when necessary. He might also be responsible for negotiating rent increases, refunding deposits when tenants move out and making bank deposits on behalf of the property owner.

Other Duties

A resident manager has a variety of other miscellaneous responsibilities. He accepts packages and deliveries on behalf of absent tenants, collects mail for residents when they are on vacation and monitors the security of the community. He might coordinate recreational and social activities for renters. The manager is also responsible for ensuring the property meets all applicable health codes, and he must stay current and in compliance with landlord-tenant laws.


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