Qualities of a Good Sales Person

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Sales people always exhibit a number of good qualities and characteristics. They are able to master techniques that set them apart from other sales people. Once you are able to utilize your skills to their full extent, you will be able to capture more market share, make more money and take your ability to sell to the next level.

Listening Skills

To be a good sales person, you have to be a good listener. Listening enables you to find out exactly what a customer’s needs and wants are. Sometimes, you have to sift through everything a customer says to get to the root of her problem.


Good sales people are persistent. They never give up. They understand that you have to make 6 sales calls before you make a sale.


If you want to be a good sales person, then you have to have a good attitude. Sales is a tough business and you cannot allow yourself to become negative. You must stay up-tempo all the time. Customers will feed off your energy.


Good sales people are sincere and honest. They always have the customer’s best interest at heart. They never falsify information to make a sale.


In order to be a good sales person you must like people. Good sales people like to interact with people. They are outgoing and personable and they get to know their customers and potential customers.