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Employer Benefits of Job Fairs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Companies are faced with the ongoing challenge of attracting qualified candidates who can perform their duties effectively to achieve company goals. Many businesses participate in job fairs because they are a lucrative means of attracting qualified employees without having to advertise for the open positions. Your company can participate in trade fairs that are specific to its own industry or to the general job market; however, the result is that the company will benefit.

Personal Connection

Many universities and colleges hold job fairs, which gives employers a chance to bond with students who are highly qualified in specific fields. At the fairs, the employer is able to have a face-to-face interaction with the candidate and gets to know what the person is like immediately. Employers are also able to increase the number of resumes they gather from qualified candidates to fill certain positions at the moment or in the near future.


Companies have to advertise if they want to attract job candidates for new or vacant positions available. Advertising is both expensive and time consuming. Job fairs, on the other hand, enable employers to attract a large pool of employees without having to advertise using often less effective recruiting means such as newspapers and agencies. To participate in a job fair, companies may have to pay a fee, but they are able to narrow down the qualified candidates in a short time and save numerous recruitment expenses.

On-the-Spot Interviews

The process of conducting interviews can be long and time consuming. Therefore, when companies attend job fairs they have the opportunity to meet a large number of potential employees in person and conduct on-the-spot interviews through their agents. The short and informal interviews conducted by the company representatives enable them to pick out the best personalities quickly and avoid scheduling interviews for unqualified candidates.

Visibility and Publicity

Job fairs are highly advertised events within a state or even internationally. Therefore, participating in a job fair enables your company to enjoy publicity because your name will be included in the fair's promotional materials. Small business sometimes participate in a job fair with the objective of spreading the word about their company so that they can attract qualified and skilled employees in the future.