Best Programs That Can Help You Build A Resume

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A resume is designed to highlight the skills and qualifications you possess that are relevant to the position you’re seeking. Attract the attention of hiring managers with a professional-looking resume. If you’re going to send a resume electronically or post it on the web, use a free resume builder online or a free resume builder app.

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a few ready-to-use templates. To find the templates, open Word and click on “New” to see a list of templates. You’ll have your choice of several resume templates, from basic to formats that include color and graphics. Depending on your version of MS Office, you’ll find that many of them are paired with a cover letter template in a matching format.

You may want to create a resume using Word offline while gathering your information and organizing your thoughts. Creating a draft resume can make it easier to input information later in a free resume builder online.

If you don’t have a home computer, go to your public library. Most have Word available on computers designated for patron use.

2. Apple Pages

Mac users are probably familiar with Pages, Apple’s answer to Microsoft Word. The same features found in Word are available in Pages. You can create and format a resume from scratch, or you can key in your information in a ready-made template. With Pages, you have an option to save a document as a Word document, a useful feature if you plan to send your resume as an email attachment.

3. Indeed

The jobs website Indeed allows you to make and upload a resume. Indeed’s free resume builder requires you to register with an email address to get started. As you launch your job search, you may want to create a dedicated email account. It’s especially important to do this if your email address is unprofessional. For example, is fine for family and friends, but it doesn’t send the right message to prospective employers. Use your name, part of your name or initials to create an email address to use in your job search.

4. Resume Genius

The free resume builder from Resume Genius is one of the easiest to use. To create your resume, you supply answers to multiple-choice questions about your education, work history and experience. There is an option to add pre-written bullet points, which you can customize according to your own qualifications and the position you’re seeking.


ZETY has a variety of templates to choose from when you’re creating a new resume or reformatting an existing resume. ZETY can create a URL for your resume, so you can post the resume online and share the link with prospective employers. ZETY is easy to use, but at the time of publication, the basic version costs $4.99 a month, but it provides four resume templates and unlimited downloads.

6. Phone Apps

If you want to create a resume right on your phone, use a free resume builder app. Top-rated apps include:

  • CakeResume: Free with some for-purchase options; web-based app.
  • Canva: Free with some for-purchase options; web, iOS and Android.
  • CV Engineer: Free, with an option to “tip” the developer up to $6.30; on iOS and Android.
  • Free web-based app.
  • VisualCV: Free with some for-purchase options; web-based app.

A free resume builder online helps you format an eye-catching resume, but ultimately, it’s the resume’s content that interests a prospective employer. Study the job announcement so you understand what the employer is seeking. Tailor your qualifications to the position or industry you’re applying to and show why you’re the right choice for the job.