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Associate Professor of Business Interview Questions

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Business professors are a hot commodity at business colleges and universities all over the world. These professors generally are well-educated and have personal working knowledge of the subject they teach. How they spend their day on the job varies – depending on the type and mission of the school they work for. At the end of the day, what really counts is that they educate tomorrow’s finest and brightest businesspeople.

Assistant Professor Requirements

An associate professor should meet the requirements of an assistant business professor. This means she should possess a doctoral degree in a business discipline, have experience teaching and be able to engage in scholarly research activities. Some schools may hire professors with a master's degree and related work experience. Expect to be asked about your background, previous teaching and research experience, and how you meet the minimum requirements defined in the job announcement. Be prepared to list course titles you have taught and to discuss your research interests.

National Reputation

An associate professor generally has a national reputation for his work. Through your prior research and teaching, you have affected business and society. Perhaps you have created jobs, improved business processes or increased the economy at the national level. Expect interview questions about your contribution to the field, any recognition you have received and accomplishments. Provide objective and quantifiable examples of the positive impact you have made on society.

Teaching Proficiency

An associate professor is an expert teacher, exhibiting high proficiency, integrity and commitment to learning and instruction. You should be well-versed with business curriculum, learning styles, the college's target student population and the college's mission. Expect questions about your teaching style and philosophy. It is important that you express your passion, not only for business, but also for your students.

Outside Service

An associate professor has a history of service beyond the business department. He has experience collaborating and coordinating with the public and other university departments. This may include building relationships, assisting local businesses, creating partnerships and expanding learning beyond the traditional classroom. Expect to be asked questions about your past involvement outside the department, how you handled projects with other entities and if you have any ideas for future projects. Demonstrate your networking and communication skills. Give examples of services performed or projects you were involved with and describe their successes.


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