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How to Become a Watkins Distributor

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Since 1868, the J.R. Watkins Company has produced and sold all-natural cleaning, health, beauty and cooking products. Along with selling its products in stores and online, the Watkins Company relies on distributors, called Watkins Consultants, to put the products in the hands of consumers. A Watkins Consultant can be an individual or a business.

Talk to a Current Consultant

Watkins wants its consultant hopefuls to first speak with a current one. A candidate must fill out a form with her basic contact information on the company website, and then she's matched up with a consultant in her area. The current consultant gives the potential one information on how the business works and answers any questions she has. The current consultant also becomes the potential consultant's sponsor.

Complete Consultant Sign-Up

The hopeful must fill out the consultant sign-up form found on the Watkins website. The form asks for biographical information like name, phone number, email address and social security number or tax identification number. The potential consultant must also pay a membership fee at sign-up time. The fee includes a one-year membership and a start-up package to help the consultant get her business set up. As of 2014, the membership fee was $19.95 for the electronic version of the start-up and $39.95 for the paper version. If a consultant chooses to remain with Watkins, she must pay an annual $30 membership fee.


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