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Job Description of a Rooms Division Manager

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Room division managers are employed in hotels and lodges to oversee a team of booking clerks and front desk staff. Employed in a range of capacities from large resorts to small lodges, they ensure the reservation process runs smoothly and they deal with complaints and suggestions from guests. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the industry is categorized by long hours, including evenings and weekends.


Most employers hire room division managers who have a bachelor's degree in business, hotel management or hospitality, according to the BLS. However, those who display leadership qualities and have gained experience in the hotel industry may be considered for trainee management roles. The BLS also notes that taking part in a formal internship is beneficial when trying to secure employment. In addition, a 2-year course called the "certified room division specialist" is also available in some high schools, which leads towards a post-secondary degree in hotel management.


A room division manager should have natural leadership qualities with the ability to give clear, concise instructions. Career Expo reports that room division managers should have a level of integrity, good manners and show initiative. The room division manager will be expected to deal with guest complaints and should therefore work well under pressure and keep calm in difficult situations.


The responsibilities of a room division manager vary depending on the size of the hotel or lodge and the number of managers employed. Typical day-to-day tasks of a room division manager will include overseeing the front desk members of staff including booking clerks and receptionists, coordinating reservations and monitoring room allocation, training and interviewing new members of staff, and dealing with customer complaints that have been escalated from more junior members of staff.


The salary range of a room division manager varies greatly depending on the size of hotel, level of management experience and geographical location. According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a room division manager in May 2008 was $43,000.


The BLS notes that seeking employment in hotels that offer the most guest services will face the toughest competition from others who are experienced in hotel management. Employment is predicted to grow by roughly 5 percent until 2018. The BLS reports hotel management roles often include long hours and at times can be stressful. College graduates with relevant work experience should enjoy the best employment opportunities, according to the BLS.


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