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What Are the Duties of a Reservation Manager?

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Reservation managers are employed by hotels to improve room occupancy figures. They are required to manage bookings and keep accurate records to ensure that all rooms are filled whenever possible. This position often works with the revenue and rooms division managers. Typical requirements include at least two years of experience in a tourism or hospitality role. According to, in 2009 the average salary for a reservation manager in the U.S. is $39,349 per year.

Core Responsibilities

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A reservation manager keeps contact with the central reservations department, deciding new rate plans and organizing promotions. Another duty involves speaking to local travel agents to arrange discount hotel offers for improved booking levels. As stated on, the reservations manager works closely with the hotel sales team to change room rates depending on seasonal demands and revenue requirements. This position ensures that sales strategies are adaptable to changing conditions, such as increased local competition or decreasing industry rates. He also will keep accurate records of bookings on the hotel reservation system and forecast likely revenue streams. In smaller hotels, the reservation manager may be directly involved with making room sales to potential customers.

Daily Duties

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The role of a reservation manager is fast-paced and varied. She will work with many areas of the hotel business and learn how their practices affect one another. A reservations manager has good communication skills to deal with fellow workers and the general public. She also will need to be competent in using computers and be capable of keeping accurate records of revenue and booking levels. A reservation manager should be good with numbers and know how to change hotel practices to meet commercial needs.

An important part of the job is to train the reservations' team to swiftly respond to email room bookings so that room inventories remain accurate. The reservation manager ensures that the arrivals' checklist is updated daily and that inconsistencies are investigated immediately. Communication with higher management to show that revenues and booking rates are being maintained efficiently is a must. Results should be continually assessed by the reservation manager and changes made to the sales and booking strategies, if needed.

Key Skills

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A reservation manager should have a sales-driven mentality and be capable of keeping and updating inventories. Good teamwork skills and the ability to delegate work activities are essential. As stated on the CV Library website, a reservation manager also should possess a good awareness of industry standards within the hotel business, and ensure these standards are communicated to the team and consistently upheld.


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