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What Are the Job Duties of a Reservations Sales Associate?

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A reservations sales associate position in a hotel or resort is responsible for ensuring a positive and memorable experience for guests. She is also responsible for upholding the company’s reputation with investors and other external parties as well as for maintaining a teamwork environment within the company. A natural tendency to help people, a willingness to learn and improve, and diplomacy are important qualities in a reservation sales associate.

Making Reservations

The reservation sales associate answers phone calls and emails requesting information on the hotel or resort and provides necessary details to prospective customers. He describes the different facilities and services depending on the needs of the callers and their interests. It is his responsibility to ensure that bookings are made correctly for customers. Depending on the needs and amenities requested by customers, the reservations sales associate informs the corresponding departments so that the facilities are available for the customers promptly upon their arrival. A reservations sales associate must keep himself up-to-date about the amenities the hotel offers to be as informative as possible to prospective customers and to generate interest in the hotel.

Customer Service

The reservations sales associate serves as a representative of the company to customers. Her way of approach and attitude toward customers is crucial as it reflects the company philosophy. She should listen carefully to the needs of prospective customers and ensure that they receive accommodations and services that best fit their needs. She should have a patient ear for customer grievances and take prompt actions for redress. As part of customer service, the reservations sales associate should find the reason behind canceled reservations and calls that did not convert into reservations to be aware of any customer dissatisfaction toward the hotel.

Other Duties

The reservations sales associate should maintain the company’s good relationships with investors. He should exhibit a team approach with hotel employees. He should have an inclination for continuous improvement, looking for opportunities that help elevate quality of existing services and amenities. Maintaining up-to-date reservation reports is also part of a reservations sales associate’s duty.

Position Preference

A reservation sales associate should be a person with impressive sales skills to be able to project the resort or hotel in the best of ways to prospective customers. People skills are crucial to establish long-term relations with customers and investors and coordinate with internal staff. Computer skills, organizational abilities and multitasking capabilities are equally important. In addition, the job involves sedentary work conditions as the associate may be required to sit for long hours; physical flexibility to bend, kneel or walk when required is also important.


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