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The Job Description of a Relationship Executive

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The primary objective of relationship executive jobs is to develop long-term sustainable business relationships with corporate and business unit executives. They work in professional services organizations and manage client engagements, business development, sales and consulting activities. In order for relationship executives to perform their jobs effectively, they must be business savvy and possess advanced knowledge of professional services sales strategies. Demonstrated expertise in building and maintaining relationships is another valuable job skill.


Relationship executives identify and pursue business relationships with corporate and business unit executives. They create new business opportunities through customer relationships, while also providing value to customers through professional services agreements and solution sales. Relationship executives also establish strategic relationships with internal departments, including sales, marketing and business development teams. They use their internal and external relationships to develop sales strategies and service offerings that enable new opportunities for business and revenue growth.

Expert Insight

Because relationships executives frequently interact with the top levels of management, excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills are essential. Relationship executives are able to establish and expand relationships with senior executives because they are honest, trustworthy and know how to handle confidential information. They operate with the highest ethical standards while maintaining an infectious, positive attitude. Relationship executives are highly polished and pleasant and demonstrate a genuine interest in collaboration, innovation and improvement.

Academic and Professional History

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for many entry-level account management jobs. For more senior positions, including relationship executive jobs, many employers show a strong preference for candidates with master's of business administration (MBA) degrees. Some jobs require expert knowledge gained from experience. For example, relationship executive jobs in the aerospace manufacturing sector may require Department of Defense-related sales experience. Ideally, qualified individuals satisfy the degree requirements and have significant professional experience in sales and client relationship management.


Individuals interested in executive relationship management careers should obtain experience in the sales industry and hone their sales, consulting, negotiation and relationship management skills. Recent college graduates can apply for entry-level positions at professional services sales organizations or consulting firms to acquire the necessary experience. Individual should focus on opportunities where they can learn how to propose and negotiate service level agreements, close deals and present to customers.

Earnings Potential

Careers in executive relationship management provide excellent opportunities to earn a lot of money. Client relationship managers have the potential to generate higher earnings than top executives in the United States. In November 2009, CNN Money estimated an annual mean wage of $94,500 for experienced relationship managers in the United States. Relationship executives at the highest level of the pay scale earned salaries up to $174,000.


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