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Job Description of a Team Coordinator

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Team coordinators plays a vital role in any organization or business. They operate in an administrative role that helps to facilitate the daily functions and operations of the organization. Without a team coordinator, the burden of the logistics would rest on the team leader. The team coordinator and team leader have a close working relationship in order to keep the team running smoothly.


A team coordinator's purpose is to coordinate the daily affairs of the team’s logistical needs in event planning, meetings and team communication. The team coordinator’s intention is to provide support and help to the team leader's needs. The team coordinator provides direction and organization for the team.


The team coordinator may fill the role as a public relations representative because he may have to communicate on behalf of the team to the general public. The team coordinator may also fill the role as an assistant to the team leader, fulfilling any needed requirement the leader needs. The coordinator may also play the role of an event planner where she takes responsibility for the logistics and theme of any given event.


The duties of a team coordinator are to facilitate meetings, coordinate the agenda, review and approve new procedures and rules, maintain planning foresight and the business calendar. The team coordinator may also develop a supporting staff to help facilitate the various duties, maintain records and be responsible for training and development.


A team coordinator needs to have the following skills: organizational and interpersonal communication, team building ability, self-motivation, able to work independently, ability to work and communicate with the general public, training and development skills and the ability to plan events.

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in a related field such as communications, public relations, business management or organizational structure is required to get hired as a team coordinator. Most businesses look to hire a team coordinator with three to five years experience in a related field.


The team coordinator fulfills an administrative role as he takes care of the administrative aspects of the team. This may include meeting with team members to gather details, and mediating appointments and messages between team members and the team leader. The coordinator will also take care of unseen details that need to be addressed. For example, if a client has a complaint and the team leader is unable to talk with the client, the team coordinator may resume the team leader’s position for the conversation.


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