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Jobs Not Dealing With People

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

In today's job market, people in most positions interact and communicate with people directly. However, several jobs are available that require extreme focus and provide the ability to deal with people indirectly or not at all. Although these positions do not deal directly with the public, the ability to communicate data and information is still essential for most occupations.


An auditor examines, analyzes and prepares accounting and financial data information for small and large businesses. An auditor is also responsible for ensuring that a company's financial and accounting records are reviewed and evaluated in a timely manner before filing or submitting them to upper management. Depending on the size of the auditing department, an experienced auditor may manage multiple audits for various departments. Normally, an auditor spends most of the day working with data and reports in an office setting. In most companies, an auditor is not part of a team environment and primarily works alone.

Web Designer

A web designer creates and designs clients' websites based on marketing and client information material. A web designer may also be responsible for creating web page templates, publication content and overall web design modifications. Depending on the need of the client, a web designer will implement changes, outline website layout, conduct maintenance and ensure the website meets coding requirements. A web designer primarily works alone in front of a computer workstation and interacts with clients via email and instant messenger and may conduct brief consultations by telephone.

Laboratory Technician

A clinical laboratory technician performs laboratory tests under the supervision of a clinical laboratory technologist or laboratory manager. A clinical laboratory technician prepares specimens; performs required laboratory procedures; and collects tissue, blood and urine samples. Depending on the size of the laboratory, a clinical laboratory technician may analyze and diagnose diseases in addition to conducting reports. A clinical laboratory technician could work for a large hospital, a small clinic or an independent laboratory and usually works alone with close supervision.

Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist is responsible for entering data, reports, spreadsheet and statistical information into a database or a company network system. In a larger corporation, a data entry specialist may also take on editing and proofreading of corporate documents in addition to performing administrative duties. A data entry specialist spends a majority of work hours in front of a computer workstation with very little public contact. Depending on the company, work schedules and demand, a data entry specialist may work from a home office or telecommute a few times a week.

Overnight Stock Clerk

An overnight stock clerk is responsible for shelving, setting up and restocking merchandise for grocery stores or other retailers. An overnight stock clerk also performs heavy lifting, cleaning and product reorganizing. An overnight stock clerk primarily works alone or in a very small team to ensure that merchandise is well stocked and in order before store opening. Depending on the size of the store, an overnight stock clerk may also perform inventory and maintain store stockroom duties.