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5 Most Significant Factors That Contribute to Your Workplace Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction goes beyond simply doing something you enjoy and getting a paycheck. Various factors contribute to your satisfaction in the workplace, with the most significant often involving trust. The specifics of your workplace, such as how your office is laid out, also play a part. Both employers and employees benefit when employees feel satisfied, as happy employees are often more productive and less likely to look for a different job.

Healthy Environment

You spend a lot of time in your workspace, so it's important to have a setting that's as free of problems as possible. A workspace filled with stresses such as disagreeable coworkers, poor managers, bad equipment, a lack of supplies or an impossible workload makes your daily experience frustrating. A poor work environment eats away at employee morale, so even if you're not directly affected by the problems at hand, the effect on other employees may sour your attitude. Employers need to maintain a healthy work environment by handling any problems immediately and ensuring employees have the tools they need to do their jobs.


You need a clear chain of command and access to the people in charge. It's incredibly frustrating if you have problems or need help and can't figure out who to approach, what to do or get a timely response. Without an obvious and reliable chain of command, people often lose trust in their employer. Your employer should clarify the chain of command and have readily available procedures for employees to follow in case of a problem. Your company roles and duties should also be clear to avoid overwork and frustration.


Feeling as if the ax is hanging over your head at any given moment seriously impacts your satisfaction at work. Worry about job security, since your job is your means of supporting yourself and your family, is naturally detrimental to your work experience. While no employer can ever give a 100-percent guarantee that your job is safe, they can help foster job security by reminding employees of the company's health, such as releasing sales figures.

Proper Wages

Wages play a huge role in job satisfaction. If you're not paid the same for your job as other people in your position in the same industry, you're bound to feel under-appreciated and not properly valued by your current employer. Employers need to pay competitive wages to keep current employees and attract new ones who will stay.


You need a clear upward career path at your job to stay happy. If you feel you're stuck in a dead-end position, with no chance to move up and earn higher wages, you may have a hard time feeling satisfied about your job and staying motivated. With no higher goal to aim for, it may seem pointless to do a superior job in your position and hurt your morale over time.


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