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How to Write a CV for a Real Estate Agent

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A curriculum vitae isn't a resume, but the two documents share key information. The CV, a scholarly identity, according to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab, expands the resume to give the reader a more complete view of the talents, expertise and training of the person. Real estate agents use a CV to apply for jobs outside traditional real estate sales. Some agents place a copy of their CV in the presentation portfolio offered to prospective clients. A CV shows your advanced training and professional skills much more clearly compared with the shorter resume format. The CV organization typically features your most flattering sections first, but generally includes a number of general category headings.

Education and Certifications

Academics typically use the CV format and seasoned real estate agents with an extensive history of education, study and advanced schooling to earn special property and sales certification frequently find the CV format necessary to include important details for prospective clients. Under a separate education heading of the CV list the college, date of graduation, college degree field and any special classes taken relevant to real estate or property management. Certifications show clients your advanced training in specialized areas such as property management and home relocations. CVs typically list the most recent degrees and certifications first, including membership in the Council of Residential Specialists, an elite group with only 34,000 members, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Employment and Experience

A comprehensive CV lists the name of the company and number of years employed by real estate firms or operation as an independent broker. Use action words to describe your experience and use details to give readers a sense of what you did while holding the position. For example, if you listed 50 homes in a single year, note this information under the company information. Feature your most recent experience first on the page.

Awards and Honors

Seasoned real estate agents with years of experience typically have a list of honors and awards to include under a special heading in the curriculum vitae. Potential clients sometimes select an agent based on the quantity of sales and awards for excellence given by professional groups in the field. Franchise real estate operations give awards for agents based on the number of sales and listings; the vitae records this information. If you have community awards given for sponsoring local sports teams or for service done as part of local volunteer groups, list that information in this CV section.

Professional Affiliations

The real estate field includes a number of professional organizations, and agents include membership in these groups and other professional affiliations in a separate section on the vitae. Common CV listings include the National Association of Realtors, county real estate boards or special groups such as the Women's Council of Realtors. Note the number of years of membership next to each group. If you do extra service for the organizations, such as conducting training sessions or instructing classes at conventions also list this information under this heading.