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How to Place Certification Initials After a Name

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Adding a professional certification after your name is a subtle but effective way to communicate your knowledge, skills and qualification. For example, clearly stating your CPA certification by your name on your resume can give you an edge over other applicants for an accounting position. If you’ve already secured your dream job, you may want to show off your accomplishment and establish credibility with your clients by adding the certification to your business card. While they are just short initials, there are a few rules to follow when adding them to your name.

Research the proper designation to use for your certification. For example, if you are a Chartered Accountant, your designation may be “ACA,” “FCA” or “CA.” Check with the institute that governs your certification. This varies depending on the region in which you are certified.

List your full name, but omit any designations before your name such as “Mr.,” “Mrs.” or “Dr.” Adding your middle name is optional. Add a comma after your name.

Write your certification, following the style dictated by the body that governs your certification. Most academic degrees are listed with periods; however, many professional certifications are not. If you are including both, the academic degree is listed first and the certification follows with periods for consistency.


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