How to Write a Cover Letter to a Place Where You Were Formerly Employed

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When you send your resume to a potential employer, including a cover letter to introduce yourself and highlight your relevant skills can help you stand out over other applicants. If the position you are vying for happens to be in a business with which you were formerly employed, tailor your cover letter to show your familiarity with the company as well as your past performance and achievements you attained while working for them.

Write the letter in business format, just as you would any resume cover letter. Include your address block or letterhead, the employer's address block and the date of the letter at the top of the page.

Address the letter to someone in a hiring capacity who knows you or is at least familiar with your name, if possible. Use the recipient's first name in the salutation if you have a friendly relationship. Otherwise, use the traditional title and last name, such as, "Dear Ms. Johnson."

Remind or inform the recipient that you were formerly employed with the company in the opening paragraph. Provide some background regarding your time there, particularly if you did not work with that person.

Explain that you are interested in the open position. Expound on why you are a good fit for the job, including skills, education and accomplishments you achieved both when working for this company and in other positions.

Close the letter by thanking the recipient for considering your resume. Inform your recipient that you will follow up with a phone call or provide details on the best ways to reach you to schedule an interview.


If you were a valued employee who left on good terms, consider calling or emailing your former supervisor to inquire about an open position. Even if that person is not in charge of hiring for the job, your old boss may be able to put in a good word on your behalf.