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How to Write Career Goals on a Resume

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A career goal statement is an excellent way to let potential employers know your career objectives. It's especially useful for college graduates who don't have much work experience. A well-written goal statement defines what your current interests are and identifies what you're looking for in career opportunities. The career goal statement is typically located at the very top of your resume and it's usually an employer’s first impression of you.

Begin your career goal statement with a brief description of who you are. If you've just graduated from college, list your degree. Use descriptive adjectives and action words to help sell yourself to your potential employer.

Choose your occupation. Look at jobs in your line of experience that interest you. If you enjoy sales, you may want to apply at retail outlets, car dealerships or insurance agencies. To set your goals, read newspapers, trade magazines, want ads and employment websites to locate available jobs in your area.

List your skills. These should reflect your education or talents acquired through previous employment. Identify the skills that would be helpful in obtaining the career you want. You may need to complete more training to gain the necessary requirements for the position you want. Some employment agencies allow you to train on software programs for free or community education programs offer classes at low cost.

Write your career objectives in short and simple statements. Be specific and only write two sentences. Your statement should reflect the contents of your resume and skills, and not go outside your area of expertise.

Avoid using common buzzwords. According to the University of Kent, many overused words can make you blend in with other applicants. The terms to avoid include fast-paced, team player, problem solver and extensive experience. Be original when stating your career goals and experience.

Use bullet points so your skills are easy to see and are organized. Use action verbs and avoid using first person. According to Drexel University, try to avoid defining job expectations, since you can go over these in your interview. Your main goal is to let the company know that you're a good match for the job.