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Tips on Radio Sales

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Being a successful radio salesperson requires the same skill set required for a sales job in other industries. These skills include presenting a compelling case, diligently following up on calls and knowing how to close a deal. In addition to those qualities, radio salespeople must also communicate the value of purchasing air time on a specific station. A potent radio salesperson must also present reasons and data as to why advertising on a specific station will garner bottom line results for the client.

Getting a Job

Are you right for radio sales? Before you email your resume to every radio station within your metro area, understand what radio sales executives are looking for in the next radio account executive.

Your resume is your first introduction to a prospective employer. Provide a powerful, concise example of previous work history and education. Include a cover letter as a precursor to the actual resume and include connection information in both the cover letter and your resume.

After sending your resume, follow up with the prospective employer to ensure he received your information. Maintain notes on which the station is hiring and the current status of an open position. Follow up with stations that show interest in your resume or those who have an open radio sales position.

Should you land an interview, be relaxed and confident during your interview. Demonstrate to your prospective employer how your presence during the interview mirrors how you present yourself on the job.

Do research on the specific station and industry, especially if this is your first foray into radio sales. Relate your sales experience in other industries to how it will apply to your position as an account executive at a radio station. If you have no experience in sales, be honest. You are essentially selling your talents during the interview, and the station manager or interviewer can rate your sales skills based on the meeting.

Succeeding in Radio Sales

Once you have the account list in hand, conduct research on your client before making calls. Examine how the client currently sells products and services and identify why advertising on your station will help build the client’s sales.

Check up on the competition periodically. Maintain a list of competing stations and obtain their fee schedule. Ask clients who advertise with the competition what kind of return on investment they receive from that station.

Build your client list through word of mouth and referrals. One of the best ways to create a solid client base is to provide exceptional customer service to your current clients. Never promise something you can’t deliver and always find ways to increase the value of your station’s advertising package.

Maintain impeccable client files so that every note and detail about the client is neatly managed in one, easy-to-access place. You should be able to put your hands on the client’s file within a moment's notice and have the information you need to make sales.


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