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How to Make a Radio DJ Aircheck Tape

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In the radio industry, an aircheck tape demonstrates a disk jockey's talent. An aircheck contains only the segments where the DJ is talking, with a bit of music in the beginning of each break. Disc jockeys make aircheck tapes to review how they sound or to audition for a potential job at a radio station. By being focused and organized, you can create an aircheck tape that really showcases your talent.

Organize all of your radio show broadcasts into one audio file to review.

Listen to your previously recorded voice breaks. Immediately save the ones you want to record for the aircheck tape in an MP3 file.

Review the file of radio breaks and chose a variety to put on the aircheck tape. Add creative listeners who phone in, portions of interviews, serious and humorous breaks or even a weather break.

Playback the new aircheck file and edit each voice break to equalize the sound. Different breaks will sometimes have different sound levels.

The voice breaks should be in logical order of a four-hour shift. For example, you don’t want to put a voice break signing off for evening at the beginning of the recording.

Make sure that your aircheck tape is no longer than four minutes. Save your aircheck file as an MP3.


Make your aircheck tape sound seamless, as if it were made from the same show.

  • Make your aircheck tape sound seamless, as if it were made from the same show.
  • Do not use ANY bad quality sound.
  • Do not use a lot of production, stingers or intros. Program directors don't have time to get through the fluff.

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