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What Format Does a Resume Need to Be in for Uploading to the Web?

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With the recent decline of the economy, many have found themselves looking for a new job, which means updating their resume. The world of work has also changed over the past decade, which makes finding a job more competitive. The days of showing up to the job site and presenting a resume are obsolete. Today, most jobs are applied for online, which entails uploading a digital resume. Ensuring that you upload your resume in a format that will be read by any computer can be tricky. Here are a few suggestions for successfully uploading your resume to the web.


Uploading a .DOC file to the web has its pros and cons. Most PCs and Macs can read Word documents. However, there is a slight chance that the person to whom you are sending your resume has a Mac computer which may not be able to read Word files or a PC that does not have a current copy of Word and, therefore, can't open your document. Another downside to uploading a Word file resume to the web is the fact that anyone can edit it upon download; and if they prefer, they can then upload the revision to the web for all to see.

MP3 or MPG

While not many businesses ask, require or will even listen to an uploaded MP3 or MPG resume, it does have its upsides. If applying for a job in broadcasting, this method of resume is perfect and most of the time it is required. By sending an MP3, the employer will be able to gauge your verbal communication skills, and uploading an MPG will give the employer an impression of your professional appearance without having to schedule an interview. Just remember that if an MP3 or MPG is not asked for, or approved, you run the risk of the employer not even listening to or watching it.


This is by far the most widely used method of uploading resumes to the web. No one can edit it, and Adobe Acrobat Reader is free; therefore, most people have it on their PC or Mac in order to read documents. The drawback is that you must have an application to convert documents into PDF form. To do so, you can download the free compilation office suite, OpenOffice.

Personal Website

If asked to provide a resume as an attachment, do so using one of the options above. However, having a personal website to supplement your resume document can go a long way to helping you get that job. In addition to uploading your PDF or .DOC file, you can also host a video or MP3 which will give the employer greater insight into what an asset you are.

There is no right or wrong way to upload your resume to the web. If you can't find the preferred method on the employer's website, give them a call.


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