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The Best Way to Find Executive-level Jobs

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Finding a job as an executive can be difficult if you do not know how to put yourself in the best position possible to be found by companies and recruiters. According to Executive Trumpet, executive recruiters are always hard at work trying to find the perfect match for corporate clients. If you need to keep your job hunt low-key, getting the information to the right recruiters is the best way to do it.


A good executive knows how to stay in touch with other executives in and outside the industry. Executive networking is commonplace in the corporate world, so it is not unusual for you as an executive to be exchanging information with people from other companies. Keep your options open. If a conversation about moving to a different opportunity should arise, let it be known that you may be interested but you would like to keep it discreet. Whenever you attend an executive function or trade show, always look your best, create the best impression possible because you never know who could be calling you with your next great opportunity.


Executive recruiters are one of the most efficient ways to find an executive-level job. Executive Trumpet suggests that most executive recruiters are proactive people who do not like to be found. Recruiters prefer to believe that if you are available, or qualified, they will find you. Recruiters scan executive placement websites looking for resumes, follow local business news to see what executives are making moves and names for themselves, and keep their ears open when people are talking at conventions and trade shows. Get your name out there and recruiters will find you to help you make your next move.


When executives speak to other executives, you can never know when it may be an informal interview. If a company is interested in your services, it may start having conversations with you to find out more about you and see if you would be a good fit. Be prepared to answer interview-type questions whenever asked. Practice your answers so they sound professional and make you desirable to a prospective employer. According to CIO magazine, the more common executive questions focus on your management style, employees you have hired or fired in the past and your compensation. Have answers ready for these questions for these informal interviews.