Good Objectives to Put Into a Resume

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If you are currently on the job hunt, you'll need to create the best resume possible to attract the attention of employers and place your resume above the others in the pile. Your resume should consist of two parts: the cover letter and the resume. Hard-hitting objectives can be included in both parts of your resume but are only necessary in the cover letter. Ultimately, your goal is to write a clear, intelligent and compelling resume that includes enough powerful objectives to receive that phone call to schedule a face-to-face interview.

What is an Objective?

A resume objective is a short but highly powerful statement that gives the prospective employer a vision of how you will benefit the company. The objective statements must have what it takes to command the attention of the reader and is your one second in the spotlight. Your objectives assure the employer that you not only fit the advertised role but the mission of the company as well.

Where to Place Your Objectives

In the cover letter, an objective is generally placed in the second paragraph after a brief summary of your career highlights. In the resume, if included, the objective is a short statement at the beginning of the resume that tells the employer what you are looking for out of the position.

Examples of a Good Objective

When creating the cover letter, an objective statement can look something like this: "I would like to present my superior communication skills, prior achievements, and proactive approach that cut to the core of any problem and quickly find the solution."

For the resume, the objective may look something like this: "Seeking a position as a dedicated member of your sales team where I can utilize my interpersonal and closing skills to meet and exceed monthly goals."

Good objectives highlight your shining qualities. One way to come up with good objectives is to determine if you have excellent organization skills, are a strong leader and received rewards for your skills.