Example of a Letter of Intent for a Grant

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Intention to Apply

This letter has been prepared by the XYZ Foundation to announce our intention to apply for your request for proposals for the community grant program. The XYZ Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on supporting local families. The foundation helps families to develop necessary skills, such as improved literacy, parenting and finance education. While parents participate in our programs, we offer programs for youth to study, tutor one another and volunteer in their community. The mission of our organization is to support local family members and help them to become responsible citizens.

Purpose of Grant

Our organization has assisted more than 3,000 families in the past year. Still, more support is needed to improve our administrative infrastructure and support our programming. We have 1,000 families on a waiting list to participate in our programs. With your generous support, we will be able to increase our staffing, hours and access to necessary programming.

request for application

Your generous support will allow us to avoid unnecessary layoffs and improve our ability to serve our city's residents. Please send an application and any additional materials to the XYZ Foundation at the address listed above. We hope to file our application for the fall grant cycle and look forward to speaking with you in more detail regarding our organization. Sincerely,