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What Are the Duties of a Vice-President in a Non-Profit Organization?

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Non-profit organizations are provide services intended to enhance the life of a community or person. The non-profit company or agency adopts a cause, such as feeding the underprivileged, and most of the revenue is committed to support this cause. The vice-president of a non-profit organization generally has the same duties as the vice-president of a for-profit organization.


The vice-president of a non-profit organization works closely with the board of directors and other top executives to define the mission of the organization. These policy procedures are developed, planned and enforced so the non-profit can achieve its goals.


Under the direction of the board of directors, chief executive officer and president, the vice-president of a non-profit organization leads the daily operation of the organization. The vice-president not only leads by example, but outlines the duties and responsibilities of the employees. Management of the operation by the vice-president helps ensure that all mission objectives are met.


Fundraising accounts a major percentage of the revenue of a non-profit organization. A vice-president engages businesses and citizens to support the cause or mission of the organization. Creating fundraising ideas, implementing fundraising events and personal involvement with the fundraising activities are important duties of the vice-president.


A non-profit vice-president ensures that all finances are being maintained according to state and federal regulations. Part of this financial duty is oversight of each department's budget. The vice-president also assists in allocating department budgets and redistributing funds to departments that are running over or under budget.


Every non-profit company vice-president compiles periodic reports outlining the finances and operational successes or failure of the organization. The reports are submitted to the board of directors and other top executives on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis. The reports include suggestions on how to improve the non-profit's performance.


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