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Visual Communication Tools

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Communication is the process of exchanging messages with the use of oral words, actions or visual aids. Visual communication or visual aids are used to enhance an oral presentation, provide greater clarity and increase the audience’s mental retention. Each person learns and processes information differently. Using a combination of oral and visual communication tools will help people with different learning types to grasp the information more effectively. Use visual communication tools in sales pitches, sermons and presentations.

Physical Objects

Physical objects can include props, models or some other object. Physical objects are used to help separate information during the presentation. For example, if there are three points to the message, a different object is used at the introduction of each new point. This provides the listener with a point of reference for the next point in the presentation. Physical objects are also used in demonstrations. For example, if you’re explaining to someone how to use a French press coffee pot, show them as you verbally explain the process.

White Boards

White boards are primarily used for teaching and educating. A white board is used while a person makes the oral presentation for the sake of explanation, clarity and a visual outline. This visual communication tool is effective for use in explaining math equations, outlining a lecture and for emphasis on particular words or phrases during an oral teaching.


Charts are premade on poster board or an overhead projector. Charts are used to demonstrate numbers (such as sales volume) or to show the amount of growth in an organization. A chart may also show the audience how a particular task or goal is going to be accomplished. For example, if a company presents a goal of increasing annual sales by 25 percent, they may use a chart to show the listeners the company's current sales and how much longer it will take for the company to attain the goal.

Electronic Visuals

Electronic visuals include overhead projection, video and slide presentations to capture the attention of the audience and demonstrate the points being communicated. Electronic visuals are commonly used in the business world during corporate meetings and sales presentations to give the listener a concise and entertaining understanding of the information being presented.


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