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What Computer Skills Are Needed for a Sales Manager?

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Sales managers are responsible for the performance of a sales team, ensuring that everyone on the team meets their target sales goals. They are usually set budgets, report back to senior management, recruit new sales talent and motivate and train their staff. Since many companies sell their products or services through promotions and ad campaigns on the Internet, sales managers also need excellent computer skills to handle their jobs efficiently.


Budgeting, data management and bookkeeping are vital tasks performed by most sales managers, so it benefits them to be proficient in spreadsheet programs like MS Excel. Excel is a powerful and widely used program that helps people analyze information; it makes sorting, filtering and calculating data fast and easy, and it helps manipulate numerical data with built-in formulas and functions. It also creates a variety of different graphs and tables that can be used in presentations.

Presentation Software

As sales manager have to prepare and present sales results to senior managers, or train new members of the sales team, experience with a presentation tool like MS PowerPoint is a must. PowerPoint enables you to create slides to form a professional and eye-appealing presentation. You can incorporate content, graphics, sound and video clips on each slide, and transition from one to the next with ease during your presentation.

Hand-Held Devices

Hand-held devices and PDAs provide organization and instant access to information for sales managers on the go. Most sales managers use mobile technology because it enables them to check email, look up information, add notes and search the Internet while on the road without having to carry a laptop from place to place. These mobile devices are usually equipped with the same software found on laptop and desktop computers.

General Computer Knowledge

Sales managers, as well as anyone who works in an office or sales environment, should have a general understanding of computer basics like Windows and word processing programs that allow you to create letters, memos, sales reports or any other document that needs to be typed. A working knowledge of email and calendar programs, such as Outlook, and a thorough understanding of the Internet are also a necessity.


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