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Job Description of a Sales Analyst

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A sales analyst determines the promotional activities a company will engage in to sell its products. The information the sales analyst gathers predicts market trends that allow an organization to plan and change sales techniques to improve profit. A sales analyst uses economic information to create sales forecasts and develop quotas for the sales team.


The sales analyst creates sales reports for management staff, and uses the data from reports to create sales forecasts.

The sales analyst may prepare reports detailing a variety of conditions in the market to deliver to management. These reports provide management with options for various market conditions.

The sales analyst analyzes sales performance in light of sales goals, and identifies areas of weakness the organization can address to improve sales.

The sales analyst makes recommendations for changes in sales techniques or promotional efforts to improve sales performance.


The position requires a person who is analytical and detail-oriented. The sales analyst must possess computer skills, including the ability to use sales forecasting software. Sales analysts must think creatively to develop new sales techniques and promotions.

A sales analyst should have strong oral and written communication skills to deliver technical information in an easily understood manner across all departments in an organization.


The sales analyst position requires a bachelor’s degree. The degree should be in business administration with an accounting and finance concentration. Employers may require between two and five years of experience in sales analysis or a similar position, such as market analysis.


The median salary for a sales analyst was $56,224 as of November 2009, according to The salary for an analyst depends on the industry and the experience of the analyst.


Sales analysts work for a variety of companies that sell products and services to customers. The sales analyst helps businesses of all kinds forecast sales and run more profitably.


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