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Presentation Topics in the Office

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Companies use presentations to deliver all kinds of information to employees. They are given at off-sites, staff meetings and one-on-one conferences using slide shows, flip charts and other props and aids. A wide range of presentation topics are appropriate for employees who work in an office environment.

Industry Information

A presentation that provides industry-specific information can inform and inspire an audience of office employees. If a company has been around for a while, a look back at its early days can reveal unexpected information about its foundation and mission. For a young company, a preview of future plans and upcoming product lines makes employees feel as if they're part of the strategy. A presentation that provides information about the company's industry helps office workers to understand how their work fits into the big picture and helps them feel connected to customers.


Compliance training presentations reduce the legal and enforcement risks that the company faces because they help office staff understand the legal requirements that govern their behavior. What compliance topics are best suited to your office depends on your company's industry. Presentations about anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and avoidance of antitrust claims all can be worthwhile. Industry-specific compliance training may include subjects such as privacy, safety, security and anti-bribery. Compliance presentations help to protect the organization from misconduct by untrained employees and can help to establish the company's reputation as an ethical business.


Presentations about communication help employees to understand the dynamics going on around them. A communication presentation may include surveys and assessments for the audience to take to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Office workers learn about different communication styles and discover new ways of working with their peers and customers, taking those different styles into account. Shy people learn to be more assertive, and extroverts learn when and how to tone it down. Successful communication presentations build confidence and reduce stress as the audience learns practical ways to interact with others.

Job-Specific Skills

A presentation that focuses on job-specific skills can empower employees and increase their productivity. For these presentations, different audiences need to hear different messages. The sales team benefits from a presentation that teaches how to develop sales leads, and the administrative support team benefits from a presentation that teaches organization strategies or software tips and tricks. Providing ongoing education through presentations that add to employees' skills helps to build loyalty and morale among your workers.


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