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Business Related Speech Topics

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Business audiences understand the importance of selling an idea, so a business-related speech needs to be effective and informative. Business speeches cover a variety of topics. A savvy manager wants to know about the newest ways to conduct project research, while a marketing department head finds new social network markets to be innovative. Knowing your audience is just as important as picking the right business topic.


From training to ethics, there are important topics in operations that speeches address. Topics might cover how training new employees correctly leads to better customer service and performance. These topics also note other issues, such as sexual harassment, healthy competition, firing employees, downsizing, responding to customer complaints and employees dating one another. Another business topic would be explaining the pros and cons of accepting gifts or problems with personal use of office equipment such as computers and network servers.


New businesses crop up all the time, so a speech on how to start a business can cover different types of businesses to enter and creating a business plan. This topic is especially fit for audiences that contain venture marketing prospects and new business owners. Other topics that interest entrepreneurs are picking the right location for new businesses and finding financing.

Internal Auditing

Business speech topics can cover internal auditing issues. Internal auditors assess a company's quality, effectiveness, risks and value. Other internal audits take inventory of equipment, accounting for anything that's missing, such as a computer or copy machine. Often internal auditing is a scary concept to employees, who wonder why internal auditing is necessary. In a speech on internal auditing, topics might show how internal audits can be conducted in a non-invasive way for the employee and also lead to upgraded equipment in some cases. Another aspect of internal auditing that can be the subject of a speech is risk management. Businesses need to know staffing and budgeting trends to eliminate losses in profits, products and customer base.


Talk to an audience of sales representatives about opening new markets through social networks and blogs. With the advent of the "Do-not-call list," telemarketing sales have dropped over the years, but viral marketing has become an effective way to sell new ideas and products. One speech topic might address the top 10 new strategies for e-marketing. Another idea is marketing through customer service. Surveys and promotional add-ons are some of the ways companies offer new products to existing customers. When a potential buyer or current customer calls in, customer service representatives can present opportunities for customers to comment on quality of service, upgrade their services or buy additional promotions.


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