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Types of Questions to Ask During an Interview

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In a job interview, the employer usually takes the lead. However, the interview is also a chance for you, as the applicant, to evaluate the job and the company you're visiting. Although the interviewer will ask most of the questions, don't forget to ask a few of your own, in order to find out if the position and company is right for you.

Details about the Job Position

Ask questions about the job you're being interviewed for. The interviewer may already have covered some details regarding the general tasks or projects, but ask some in-depth questions to show your interest. The Job Dig website suggests asking about how the previous employee completed the job. As an extension to this, ask the employer if he was satisfied with the completion of the job tasks. If he says no, ask what changes he'd like to see in the position. This shows the employer that you want to understand how the process works, and that you're willing to take any extra steps needed to improve.

Ideal Employees

The employer will certainly ask you about your past work experience and skills to determine whether or not you're an ideal candidate for the job -- but even so, ask the employer to describe his ideal employee. According to Virginia Tech, this is a good question to ask, as it helps you determine whether you're a good fit, in your own eyes, for the business. Keep in mind that an interview is a test -- not just of you, but of whether the business itself is right for you.

Corporate Strengths and Weaknesses

Staying active in the industry and continuously improving is a large task for any company. Ask the interviewer to identify the company’s weaknesses and strengths given the current state of the industry. As an extension of the answers provided by the interviewer, ask how the company is doing in relation to its competitors. An employer will identify the weaknesses as challenges, and may inform you of changes or strategies the company is trying to implement to eliminate those weaknesses. This question allows you to see how the business functions competitively.

Ask About Company Standing

Since many companies choose to lay off workers in order to tighten their budgets, you may ask the interviewer how the company is able to hire new employees. The Job Dig website suggests that you do some research before asking this question, so you have an idea of how the company is doing financially. Once you get to the interview, ask for an insider’s point of view, so the interviewer can explain how the company is able to hire new employees.