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Job Description of a Lead Worker

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A lead worker, also known as a team leader, provides leadership and instruction so others in the group can complete tasks quickly and effectively. Even though lead workers don't make all the decisions, they serve as guides to answer questions, offer insight and organize responsibilities. Most importantly, team leaders set a positive example for those working with them and often advance into their roles through exceptional work performances. They follow company policies and ensure team members adhere to all standards and guidelines.

Coordinates, Delegates and Communicates

Lead workers organize and plan team meetings, discuss project logistics, assign duties, set goals, address concerns and troubleshoot problems. Strong people skills and the ability to organize team members and delegate tasks are top requirements.

Mediates Between Groups

Team leaders are the link between team members and upper management. They also often serve as the go-between for clients and team members. Lead workers maintain progress reports, evaluate team members' performances and discuss project goals, accomplishments and shortcomings with management.

Leads by Example

Lead workers set an example by staying current on industry trends, informing team members of new policies or procedures and displaying integrity. Lead workers must stay within budget limitations, avoid gossip and provide suggestions for improvement. They must be knowledgeable, kind, fair and firm, so subordinates respect their judgment and supervisory role.


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