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List of Job Positions for the Hospitality Industry

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Jobs in the service industry tend to be part time, rarely offering pay above minimum wage. However, some workers prefer working in the service industry because of the wide variety of jobs available. The hospitality industry is one category within the service industry, offering jobs related to customer care and service.

Housekeeping Staff

Working mainly in hotels, housekeeping staff members are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the hotel lobby, halls, guestrooms and bathrooms. Duties include providing clean sheets and towels, vacuuming carpeted rooms, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting furniture, and emptying trash receptacles in each room. By ensuring the cleanliness of the hotel, the housekeeping staff maintains a comfortable environment for guests.

Hotel Concierge

Working in full-service hotels, concierges take care of guests' personal requests. A guest may ask the hotel concierge to offer advice on local entertainment or to book reservations at a restaurant. Guests with young children may ask the concierge to find a babysitter or nanny service during their stay. Concierges can also take messages and keep track of housekeeping requests.


Also known as waiters or waitresses, servers mediate between customers and the kitchen to ensure successful dining service. Working in formal and informal environments, servers interact with customers, taking orders for food and beverages and then serving them to customers. They have knowledge of the menu to inform customers about daily specials or to assist them in selecting an appropriate meal based on their individual tastes. In smaller restaurants, servers also direct customers to their seats and accept and process payments.

Food Preparation Workers

Working in restaurant kitchens, food preparation workers are responsible for cleaning and preparing ingredients to be used in meals. Handling meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruits, food preparation workers follow the chef’s instructions to arrange recipe ingredients into the required proportions. Under the supervision of the head chef or cook, some food preparation workers also cook simple meals.

Executive Chef

These highly skilled chefs function in a managerial capacity by directing kitchen workers, selecting menu items, training cooks and guiding food preparation workers. Responsible for all activity inside the kitchen, executive chefs are essential in making sure that the kitchen staff operates smoothly and that food is prepared safely and successfully while accommodating customers' dietary restrictions and preferences.

Tour Guide

Also known as a travel guide, a tour guide leads individuals or groups through tourist attractions on sightseeing adventures. Duties include planning and organizing cruises, tours or expeditions through cultural establishments, such as museums and historical buildings, or visiting natural resources, such as hiking trails and conservation areas.


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